X Factor 2016: Nicole Scherzinger thinks Simon Cowell's son is really a clone

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Nicole Scherzinger has spoken out about Simon Cowell's son, branding him a 'clone' of his dad.

Little Eric Cowell has been spotted behind the scenes of The X Factor and Nicole says he takes EXACTLY after his father.

Speaking on the Jonathan Ross show, Nicole joked: “I think he just cloned himself. He is just like Simon, he never listens to me. I’ll say, ‘Eric give me a hug’ and he walks away. I’ll say ‘Do you want a cookie? Can I have a bite of your orange?’ and he just ignores me,” she laughed. “He goes to his dad all the time, he loves his dad.”

Discussing Simon and her fellow judges on the programme, Nicole went on: "Simon is back and it’s cool and he’s in a really good head space.

"This is the first time, it feels like we’ve all known each other all four of us and we have but this is the first time we have actually all four of us been together.”

Meanwhile, Nicole hit back after Simon accused her of stealing the limelight from her own acts with her performance on divas weekend.

Nicole revealed: The producers asked me on the Thursday, ‘Hey we’ve never done this, would you mind singing a minute and 15 seconds? It’s for Divas week. Let’s just have fun, hype up the crowd’

"I was like, ‘Why not’ so I worked on it Friday, I’d been working with my boys [category] all week so Simon just likes to rile people up and rile me up.

"Then when I sat down he was like, ‘You should perform every week’ and I was like, ‘I know’…” she smiled.

The Jonathan Ross Show airs Saturday, 29 October at 9:50PM on ITV.

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