X Factor 2016: Rylan Clark-Neal reveals the TRUTH behind 'fix' claims

Rylan Clark-Neal and Matt Edmondson.

Rylan Clark-Neal has spoken out about the latest X Factor 2016 six claims.

Sunday night saw the third round of X Factor 2016 results as Relley C bowed out of the competition.

After the latest elimination, host Dermot O’Leary was joined on stage by the remaining contestants to decide the next theme using the new 'random' Jukebox.

Dermot gave the Jukebox wheel its latest spin on Sunday to reveal that this weekend's theme will be Fright Night. Very handy, given it's Halloween.


While Dermot insisted the result was totally legit and not at all set up, many just didn't buy it.

But Rylan says the truth is that the Jukebox REALLY is random.

"I can confirm this. As much as I'm the first one to say, 'ah, it's a fiddle' like other shows, it was not fixed whatsoever," he insisted. "The director was standing at the side of the stage. That jukebox is pretty much an empty shell with a genuine tombola wheel.

"When Dermot span it, we were all standing there - I had the executive producer of the show a metre away from me trying to blow it so it didn't - 'cause obviously everyone is now up in arms, saying it was fix."

Speaking on ITV's This Morning, Rylan added: "I even asked Simon if there was a man in there? There isn't, I've had a look it's an empty shell. It's pretty tacky and tatty to be honest.

Simon Cowell admitted on the Xtra Factor at the weekend he was hoping the Jukebox wouldn't land on Fright Nighte.

He said: “I’m kind of thinking, It will be great to be Fright Night as it’s Halloween, but then I’m thinking, don’t land on Fright Night, if it does land on that people will say, ‘There is someone in the back stopping it…’


“You know what, you lose, you win.”

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the show told the Daily Mirror it really was a random choice.

They said: "Themes on the jukebox are genuinely chosen by random choice. It's pure coincidence."

The X Factor 2016 continues next Saturday and Sunday night on ITV with Louisa Johnson lined up to perform.

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