X Factor 2016: James Hughes blasts "c**t" Nicole Scherzinger

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James Hughes has taken aim at his former mentor on The X Factor.

The singer was one of seven Boys at judges' houses but didn't get through to the live shows.

Now he's taken aim at Nicole and even suggested that the show is fixed.

He's quoted as telling Now magazine (via DigitalSpy): "She's a c**t!"


James alleged: "She's so nice on camera, but I felt she had no time for me once they were off."

And he added: "I don't even think she picked her final three boys!"

As for the other judges - Simon Cowell, Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh - James had more to say.

"Louis and Sharon were lovely," he continued. "They spoke to everyone. Simon [Cowell] left as soon as the cameras were off and Nicole looked everyone up and down."

Meanwhile it's not just Nicole that James seems to have a problem with, tweeting his dislike of Honey G over the weekend.

"Shes really starting to piss me off! Its the same lyrics with a different tune everyweek. Shes a DIVA so this weeks for her," he wrote on Saturday.

On Sunday when the results were in, James' comments got even more 'honest'.

"The public are blind to talent!! Such a f**king joke both bottom two acts are 100% better than that s**t rapping b***h I'm pissed," he tweeted.

However after calming down a bit, James back tracked: "Sorry that's horrible, Honey G has done well to get that far but her talent isn't rapping. Knitting maybe, rapping no! @Relley_C is a star."

James Hughes at The X Factor 2016 auditions
James Hughes at The X Factor 2016 auditions

Some fans were quick to slam James for his remarks.

One wrote: "I thought @JamesH_Sings was a genuinely nice, talented guy. He's so irritating and childish. This guy needs to learn when to stop."

But James hit back: "Thanks for your opinion but I don't give a s**t! I'll say what I like if you don't like it then unfollow."

Well we guess it was Divas week after all...

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