X Factor 2016: Relley C defends 'genuine' Honey G after getting the boot


Relley C has stuck up for Honey G after last night's X Factor 2016 results.

Relley got the boot in the sing-off against girl group Four Of Diamonds while Ryan Lawrie was saved from the bottom three in the life line vote.

Honey G avoided the danger zone once more and many weren't happy with even some boos from the live audience.

But Relley has defended the UK's newest genuine urban artist, although admitted she would think it's a "piss take" if watching at home.

Relley explained: "People don't see what we see and they've not got to know Honey G. They're just seeing what they see on what they see on TV, and if I didn't know Honey and I was watching a viewer I would probably be like, 'That was that was a bit of a piss take'.

"But because I know her, I just take my hat off to her at the end of the day, because she's just doing what she's got to do."

Relley suggested that Honey G could even go on to WIN this year's show, saying: "She's got a good chance because she has an amazing following.

"I see so many people with baseball hats and sunglasses in the audience, it increases every week. I'm like, 'What the hell?!'"

Meanwhile, Relley claimed that she had a "feeling" about leaving at the weekend after suffering from a cold.

She told DigitalSpy: "I didn't have a cold last week and I came in the bottom four - so this time I thought there is a chance.

"And everyone said they get that feeling that they know they're going. And the atmosphere was really strange for me yesterday - I just had this feeling."

The X Factor is back next Saturday and Sunday with Fright Night.

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