X Factor winner Louisa Johnson announces new single out THIS WEEK

Louisa's new song is out Friday


Reigning X Factor winner Louisa Johnson will drop her new 2016 single this week.

The track is called So Good and will be available on Friday, October 28.

Louisa will hit The X Factor live shows next Sunday night to promote the song.

Louisa tweeted tonight to announce the single: "SO DAMN EXCITED to announce my brand new single 'So good' will be out FRIDAY! 28.10.16 😬⚡️😈💅🏼🙌🏼!!!!!!!! #SoGood"


She added: "Buzzing to be back on @TheXFactor next sunday with my new track! ⚡️#Sogood"

According to music insiders, the track has had to be censored after originally containing "explicit lyrics"

"Senior staff at Syco were shocked at her use of the F-word in the chorus," a source told The Sun newspaper.

They claimed: “In the original version, she sang ‘f*** it’ but the line has been replaced with something more innocent."

The news follows Louisa revealing that her debut album includes one song in which she sings about 'waking up hungover and horny'.

"It's about being young," Louisa said of the song. "It's very personal and very honest.

"Well it's true! I do. Boys can sing about stuff like that, so why can't girls?"

Can't argue with that, let's be honest.

In an interview with the latest edition of NOTION Magazine, Louisa told fans she was putting a LOT of work into her debut and wanted a diverse mix of tracks.

louisa johnson being amazing

She explained: "I'm recording songs that I hope to be performing for the rest of my life - they've got to be good. I'm in no rush to release the album, in fact, I'd rather not release it unless I'm 100% happy with every detail.

"What's the point in making one of those albums where every song is the same? There are so many sounds out there that I love, so many brilliant people to collaborate with, I just want to discover as much as I possibly can."

You can pre-order Louisa's album here now and get it sent once available.

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