50 Cent sticks up for X Factor's Honey G after 'racism' claims


50 Cent has defended X Factor's Honey G over claims her performances are 'racist'.

The singer has come under fire since the live shows started for what some people claim is cultural appropriation.

A writer in The Guardian previously accused Honey's act of being an offensive 'caricature of blackness', while last week one viewer complained: "Honey G's performance on X Factor was the rape of black culture.

"All jokes aside, cultural appropriation actually upset me on Saturday night."

Honey G
Honey G

Honey G hit back at the suggestion in an interview with The Sun newspaper, saying: “Any claims about me being racist are completely false and ridiculous. I’ve been heavily influenced by rap and hip-hop culture and involved in it for a number of years.”

The rapper - real name Anna Georgette Gilford - who calls herself a "genuine urban artist" went on to tell the tabloid: “I have been a musician my whole life. I’m a heavyweight producer, I’m not a bedroom producer.

"I’m the finished article and I’m no different to the likes of Pharrell or Jay-Z.

"I find it quite insulting that people would think I am a novelty act, but maybe people have a problem with a white woman rapping.”

Now she's had support from US rapper 50 Cent who said: "People be crazy saying Honey G’s act is racist."

In an interview with the Daily Star newspaper, he added: “For anybody who thinks a white person performing music of black origin is racist, you know they don’t know what racism really is.

“Come and speak to real victims of racism who have seen their kids shot up. These people complaining ain’t got a clue."


50 Cent concluded: “A middle-aged white woman rapping along to Dre and Tupac ain’t even close to being racist.”

Last night's X Factor results saw Honey G survive for another keep, avoiding the bottom three.

The show is back next Saturday and Sunday on ITV.

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