X Factor 2016 faces more fix complaints about voting and Honey G


The X Factor 2016 is facing yet MORE fix claims after tonight's show.

The first incident that has prompted complaints happened before anyone had even performed.

Host Dermot O'Leary announced the voting lines open at the very start of the show in a twist to the usual format used for the past two weeks.

"Why is the vote open before they've sung surely that isn't fair in any way? #XFactor" one viewer complained.

Another concluded: "The fact that you can vote before any of them have even sang shows it's a popularity contest and not a singing contest. #XFactor"

But the real big 'fix' claim of the night came after Dermot asked for viewers to send in pictures of their grandparents dressed as Honey G for next week's show.

The weekly feature of people and animals dressed up like North Weezy's genuine urban artist has led some to claim the competition is rigged.

On Twitter, one X Factor viewer commented: "They are asking for photos of #grannyG for next week ... Because Producers Already knowing they will let Honey G through... #XFactor"

The thoughts were echoed by many others: "Bit bizzare how @TheXFactor know they will need #GrannyG pics next week.. clearly they know she's going through.. #fixed ?"

A third declared: "Well X factor is a fix, dermot said on live shows that next week they're asking photos for granny - g meaning full well honey g gets through."

The X Factor 2016 returns Sunday night at 8PM on ITV.

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