Did X Factor's Emily Middlemas and Ryan Lawrie have sex on the stairs of the house?!


Have X Factor's Emily Middlemas and Ryan Lawrie been caught having sex on the stairs of the contestants' house?

The loved up pair were supposedly caught getting frisky in the group's North London mansion after being banned from one another's rooms.

A source previously told The Sun newspaper: “They’re banned from going in each other’s rooms so have found a way to bend the rules and head to the stairs for their hook-ups instead when they think all the other contestants are asleep."

Now the couple's fellow finalists have spilled all and insisted it's simply not true.

Samantha Lavery explained: "They're not allowed in the same room, so they'll meet on the stairs with their laptops to practice their songs. They're the most innocent people you'll ever meet."

Speaking about the pair in the house, she added: "It's nice they have each other. They're not sickly lovey-dovey. We joke, 'will you two leave each other alone!' it's all in good fun."

Sam also rubbished rumours that Gifty Louise was seeing 5 After Midnight singer Jordan Lee.

"They're really close, but they're more like brother and sister," she said.

And what about those claims concerning Sam herself, getting close with Jordan's 5 After Midnight bandmate Nathan?

She insisted she was 100% single: "I just want to concentrate on this journey. Boyfriends aren't really on my mind."

So that's that all cleared up!

The X Factor airs Saturday and Sunday nights at 8PM on ITV.