X Factor house gossip! New arrivals, Honey G 'moves out', Emily and Ryan latest!

X Factor 2016 gossip and news from the house


Here's a sneak look at how life is going inside The X Factor house.

All of the contestants on this year's live show are currently sharing a massive mansion in North London, and there have been reports of all sorts going on.

Last week the house lost its first residents as Bratavio and Brooks Way both left the competition.

But they were quickly replaced in the form of returning girl group Four Of Diamonds.

Samantha Lavery revealed the girls have settled right in: "The girls gelled with us straight away. They fit in great. But now thee are four more girls to share a bathroom with!"

Battles for the mirror

The teenager went on to blab about life in the house: "It's fun but crazy! We're like family, we have film nights and all snuggle up on the couch.

"I'm sharing a room with Relley C, Emily, Gifty and Saara. We all have our own space but we only have one mirror between us so it can be tricky in the mornings. The house is tidy but we're missing Ottavio because he did all the washing up."

Honey G moves out!

With Four Of Diamonds moving in there was a reshuffle of the rooms which saw Honey G leave the main bedroom.

She's now got her own private room away from the other finalists. "I don't know how she's going to fit all of her stuff in there," Emily Middlemas revealed.

Gifty Louise romance?

Unfortunately the finalists lost another housemate on Sunday as Freddy Parker left the show.

But he gave all the insider gossip, including spilling on those romance rumours.

So is is true that Gifty and 5 After Midnight's Jordan are a thing?

He says: "They're just best friends. They take loads of pictures together and found the rumours really funny, so they joked about it with the press. But I said to Jordan he can't do that, because it'll get interpreted wrong."

What are Emily and Ryan up to?

Rumour has it that official couple Ryan Lawrie and Emily Middlemas have been trying to break the show's 'sex ban'.

But Freddy insisted: "They're so respectful of the house rules. I don't know if I could do it if I was in their position. It must be pretty intense living with your girlfriend!"

The X Factor 2016 is back live tonight at 8PM on ITV. On Sunday on ITV another act will leave the competition.

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