X Factor 2016: Sharon Osbourne reveals just why she forgot Saara Aalto's name


Sharon Osbourne has spoken out about her latest X Factor gaffe.

Last night saw Sharons's act Saara Aalto in the sing off, but Sharon struggled to introduce her performance.

Speaking on ITV's Good Morning Britain, Sharon insisted she did actually know who she was mentoring.

Sharon claimed: "I was thinking about something else."

She explained: "I wish I could come up with a better excuse, but I was thinking about songs, what the Jukebox is going to land on, what are we going to do next week and then I'm like 'she's in the bottom two and they're like 'it's you, it's you', and I'm like 'for what?!'

"Simon and Louis are both telling me different towns, different countries, different names and they're doing it to wind me up and I fall for it!"

Sharon said she was the "worst for names" and quipped: "My head was in another country, I think I was in Lapland."

The music manager went on to slam "trolls on Twitter" for accusing her of being drunk.

"I have seen too many careers destroyed, family members destroyed for alcohol, this Mrs isn't going there," Sharon commented.

Sharon previously rubbished the reports claiming she was tipsy on her US show The Talk as well.

"Why is it while you're there and you're having fun and you're being silly, do you have to be drunk?" she complained. "It's entertainment and it goes out late on a Saturday night.

"I'm there with my bestest – Nicole Scher-linger-linger… She's funny. She's naughty and you have fun."

The X Factor is back Saturday and Sunday night on ITV.

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