X Factor 2016 finalists given a 'sex ban' in the house

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X Factor bosses have imposed a sex ban on this year's contestants.

All twelve of this year's finalists - totalling 16 people in all with the groups - are currently living together.

The X Factor mansion in North London will be home to the acts as long as they remain in the competition.

But there's a strict 'no hanky-panky' rule between contestants.

Ryan Lawrie - who is dating fellow singer Emily Middlemas - spilled: "All the guys are together, and all the girls are together.

"We can chill and watch a film, but when it comes to bedtime, it’s bedtime and that’s it. You can’t sneak into each other’s room.

"There’s actually a sex ban in the house, but we wouldn’t do that anyway. It’s just professionalism, isn’t it?"

Speaking about coming clean on their romance, Ryan said: "It just got to the stage where we were like: 'We’re not going to be able to keep this quiet any longer,' so we thought: ‘Why not simply let people know?’

"We didn’t meet through The X Factor, though – I have known Emily for about four years and we have been going out now for roughly nine months. We met doing gigs together after she was on The X Factor for the first time in 2014, and we only live 20 minutes apart."

Chatting to The Sun newspaper, Ryan added: "We are pretty serious, yes. I would like to think she is the girl I am going to marry and have children with one day.
Do you get to share a room in The X Factor house?"

The X Factor 2016 airs Saturday and Sunday nights on ITV.

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