X Factor 2016: Nicole Scherzinger brands Honey G a novelty act


X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger reckons Honey G is a novelty act.

Speaking ahead of tonight's first live show, Nicole insisted she was "rooting" for the North Weezy rap star to bring something new to the stage tonight.

"Honey G is a novelty act," Nicole declared yesterday. "Am I allowed to say that?

"Do I see her as a serious artist? Maybe she's got some other stuff hidden up her sleeves, hopefully she does. Honey G is fun and that's what the show needs, fun."

Nicole continued: "I'm rooting for Honey G, I hope that she brings more stuff and she has more tricks hidden, but right now, what we've seen, people are used to more technical stuff so it's like, 'Wait, what is this chick bringing?' Hopefully, though, she'll bring it."

Honey G's inclusion in the X Factor final 12 was one of many controversial choices made by the judges last weekend.

Nicole, who herself didn't face (much) abuse over her selection, reckons viewers should cut the other judges some slack.

Speaking about Louis Walsh and his groups - Brooks Way, 5AM and Bratavio - Nicole said: "This is his category, this is what he is good at.

"If he feels that this is who he can really mentor and connect with and they are his contenders for the live shows, then I support him.

"That's why I'm here. We all do. Louis knows, Mrs O knows, Simon knows. Everybody is going to have their opinions."

The X Factor 2016 airs LIVE on ITV tonight, Saturday, from 8PM with the first performances.

Then on Sunday night at 8PM the first results will see one act leave.

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