X Factor's Emily Middlemas and Ryan Lawrie reveal the TRUTH about their romance

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Emily Middlemas and Ryan Lawrie have spilled all on their X Factor relationship.

Although it turns out it's not really an X Factor romance at all.

The pair met four years ago and have been together for almost a year already.

"The press have been saying we met at bootcamp, but we've actually known each other for four years," Emily explained.


She continued: "We only started going out seven months ago, though. We live close to each other and used to do local gigs, so we'd always see each other and say hey backstage."

And "proud girlfriend" Emily revealed just how she reacted when boyfriend Ryan made the live shows.

"I was crying for a full day, I'm not even kidding," she told Hello magazine this week. "I was like the proudest girlfriend. I was so happy.

"And it's nice to have someone who actually knows you in the house. He knows me inside out. I think I'd be a little bit lost if I didn't have him."

"It's our first time living together so it's definitely fast-forwarded our relationship," said Ryan. "I'm happy we'll go through the experience together and help each other through any tough moments.

"We're not allowed to share a room though!"

Of course The X Factor is a competition at the end of the day so there could be some difficult moments to come.

Ryan admitted: "We know there could be some tough times ahead but I think we can work through them.

"We've talked about how we'll deal with it if one of us leaves but we're super-supportive of each other."

The X Factor 2016 airs live tonight, Saturday at 8PM and continues Sunday evening at 8PM with the first results show.

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