X Factor's Bratavio have a weird crush on Simon Cowell (although Saara's is stranger!)

X Factor bratavio

Watch out Simon Cowell, X Factor's Bratavio are after you!

The duo - made up of Bradley and Ottavio - have confessed to having a bit of a weird crush on the music mogul.

And now they're (controversially) into the live shows.

Groups mentor Louis Walsh put the duo through at the weekend prompting just a bit of Twitter outrage.

Apparently the pair haven't slept since Saturday over fears that Louis will end up getting SACKED. Again.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "After it was announced they would be going to live shows, they checked their social media and saw a public backlash against Louis, it’s really bothered them."

They added: "Both Ottavio and Bradley are genuine, caring guys and the thought that Louis is getting abuse because of his decision to put them in the live shows has really upset them.

"They’ve barely slept at all over the past 48 hours, leaving them exhausted and emotional."

Let's hope they get some rest before this week's first live shows...

Meanwhile, back to weird crushes, it turns out that Bratavio aren't the only ones looking at Simon.

Both Gifty Louise and Sam Lavery, who are mentored by the show boss, named him as their unusual crush too.

Brooks Way and Freddy Parker both said Sharon Osbourne was theirs while Emily Middlemas revealed a strange attraction to Sully from Monsters Inc, and Saara Aalto confessed feelings for Simba from The Lion King.

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The X Factor airs Saturday and Sunday night on ITV from 8PM.

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