Latest X Factor 2016 judges' houses results! Who's in the live shows?

Is Honey G in the X Factor live shows?

X Factor 2016 results

Who's in The X Factor 2016 live shows? The second set of judges' houses results are in!

Tonight the Boys and Overs performed for their mentors Nicole Scherzinger and Sharon Osbourne respectively, before three in each category got through.


First to learn his fate was Christian Burrows but it was a no from Nicole. She told him: "You did a good job yesterday. You wear your heart on your sleeve and give it 110% every time. I feel your voice has grown but I still feel you're developing you're sound, are you going to be versatile enough? I've made my decision. I'm sorry I wont be taking you through to the live shows."

Nate Simpson was next and also got a no: "You have an undeniable talent and when you sing its like church for me. I'm sorry I'm not able to take you through to the live shows."

X Factor 2016 results

Freddy Parker got the first yes from Nicole, who said: "The first I ever saw you, I love when you sat at the piano. I don't know ho w much you want this. I've made my decision anyways. Freddy, I really hope you understand where I'm coming from because I need you to get ready because you're coming with me to the live shows."

James Hughes then sat down with Nicole and got a no. She told the youngster: "I love your personality, I love what you bring to the stage. Yesterday I know was your strongest audition and that worries me, I wonder if you're really ready for the live shows. I've made my decision and I'm sorry I'm not able to take you, I don't think it's the time for you yet, but that doesn't mean you're not going to get there."

Matt Terry was next to sit down with Nicole and got a YES. She said: "I think you're so beautiful and you have a really amazing talent but my concern with you is I don't know if that's enough. We've got a good looking boy with a good voice, is that unique enough. "

X Factor 2016 results

With only one spot left, next to chat to Nicole was Niall Sexton where she told him no. Nicole explained: "I just think you ave something so unique but that some of my worries are you going to be deliver week after week and connect with people with your stage presence. I've made my decision. I won't be able to take you into the live shows with me."

That left wild card Ryan Lawrie securing the final place in the live shows for the Boys: "I know I didn't choose you to be my wild card and after your audition yesterday I understand why Simon did. My worry is I don't know why you initially didn't stand out to me. I think it's a really big risk for me you to take you through. I'm sorry Ryan but I'm just crazy enough to take the risk. I'm taking you through to the live shows with me."


First to find out their fate was James Wilson. Overs mentor Sharon Osbourne told him: "What a journey you've had so far. You're very inside yourself, there's no eye contact. How do you think you could handle the live shows. This is so bloody tough. I've made my decision, James, I'm going to be sending you home."

Saara Aaalto got the first yes, with Sharon telling her: "You have an amazing vocal range but I don't rally know who you are. I have made a decision, you're going to be staying with me."

With only three spaces, Christopher Peyton missed out. Sharon said: "This quality you have, you tell the tory of the song so beautifully. You have soul. I just felt the performance was very forced. I have made a decision, I'm going to be sending you home."

Samantha Atkinson was also given a no by Sharon: "You did so well yesterday. Robbie was bowled over by your vocal performance. He adores you. I have to choose 3 contestants that are totally different. I'm sorry, I'm sending you home."

Honey G was next to see Sharon and got a yes. "I'm a little bit worried about what you would sing every week," Sharon told Honey. "I have made my decision, Honey G it would be a big risk for me to put you through but I've taken risks all my life you're going to be stuck with me."

It was then between Relley C and Janet Grogan, who returning to the show after previous knockbacks, for the final spot.

X Factor 2016 results

And it went to Relley C, as Sharon told her: "You did really good yesterday, you really did. You should be very proud of yourself. But I've got to say when you perform, you don't move around a lot, you seem bolted to the spot. Nicole sent you home and I've made my decision, I'm not Nicole and I'm not sending you home."

But that meant a very tearful no for Janet: "Without a shadow of a doubt you've got a rally distinctive voice, you really do. When you perform there's a disconnect but your voice is so different. I have made my decision. I'm going to be sending you home."

Did Sharon and Nicole make the right decisions? Tell us in the comments below!

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