X Factor 2016 judges' houses results REVEALED! Who's in the live shows?

X Factor 2016's final 12

X Factor 2016 judges houses results

Who's in The X Factor 2016 live shows? The first set of judges' houses results are in!

Tonight the Girls and Groups performed for their mentors Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh respectively, before three in each category got through.


First to find out their fate was Soheila Clifford who got a no. Simon told her: "You absolutely gave 100% performance... if I'm being honest there were better singers, it was purely that, I'm really sorry. It's been a pleasure."

Next was Olivia Garcia who also got a no. Simon said: "My issue was, who are you as a performer and and an artist? There were people who came with a bit more experience, stronger voices."


The first yes went to Gifty Louise Agyeman. Simon said: "It was a relatively easy decision for me and I am inviting you to the live shows."

Kayleigh Marie Morgan then found out she wasn't through. Simon explained: "You've got a great energy about you. You're very honest and your voice is very pure... There are only three places and I had to say no to four people. The decision I've made is that for this year, you're not quite ready."

Samantha Lavery got the second yes. Simon said: "I really got to know you yesterday and I've made a decision. I think you and your granddad are going to be really happy. You're in the finals!"


That left Emily Middlemas and Caitlyn Vanbeck fighting over the final place.

Caitlyn found out her fate first and got a no, with Simon saying: "From your first audition I thought you were one of the better ones and you have a great voice. I think you're close, I think your voice is extraordinary and I think for right now, it is a no. I'm really sorry."

That left Emily with a yes into the live shows: "What I liked about yesterday is I really started to understand who you were as an artist. You've come back stronger. I believe the public want to see you in the finals."


First to discover their fate were Skarl3t who got a no. Louis Walsh said: "I loved your performance, there's something here. You're a sassy act. I think more work and more time you could be great. I'm really sorry."

4 of Diamonds also got turned away. Louis explained: "I loved your performance yesterday, I think you've improved so much from your very first audition to what we saw yesterday. I'm not taking you through to the live shows. I swear to god it was the hardest decision. I dreaded saying no to you guys."

X Factor groups
X Factor groups

5AM got the first yes, as Louis told them: "We could see you really worked well as a unit. To be relevant you need to tick every single box. My decision is, you're in my final three!"

Wild card Yes Lad were then given a no for the second time of the series. Louis told the five piece: "We loved the fact you really want this and you're prepared to work hard. I know the potential is really good but I think it would be a risk at the moment. It wasn't an easy decision guys. I'm sorry, it's good news, I can't take you through to the live shows. You were very close.

The Brooks were told by Louis: "I want to thank you for coming back to the competition but I've got to be honest the vocals were not as strong as I wanted them to be... can I take the risk or do you need more time? I have made my decision, it's a very big risk but I am going to take the risk. You're through to live shows!"

That left Bradley and Ottavio and Tom and Laura fighting over the final place in the live shows.


Tom and Laura were the ones that missed out, as Louis told them: "I loved your first audition. It was a really tough decision in the end. I'm sorry I can't take you to the live shows. I'm really, really sorry, because I love how you sing."

That left Bradley and Ottavio in the live shows: "You're different and different is good. The singing, sometimes it's good. I wonder are they going to sell millions of records, will the audience get it. It's a very big risk, and it's not good news... it's great news, you're through to live shows. I may regret this decision."

The X Factor continues Sunday night with the results of the Overs and Boys judges' houses.

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