X Factor 2016: Ivy Grace Paredes invited back to audition next year

Ivy Grace Paredes

Ivy Grace Paredes has revealed she's been invited to return to The X Factor 2016 next year.

And we hope she'll definitely be back.

Ivy - also known as Ayegee - NAILED her Six Chair Challenge performance to win a seat in the final six of the Overs category on Sunday evening but had to withdraw from the show at judges' houses.

A spokesperson for the show said previously: "As with all contestants travelling to the US for Judges Houses, Ivy was required to have a visa.

"Unfortunately there was an issue with her application being approved which meant that she was not granted a visa in time and sadly had to withdraw from the competition."

In an interview this week, Ivy said a simple mix up caused major problems.

“The US embassy officer said there's no problem with my papers, but I applied in the wrong visa category," she explained. "So I asked if I’m denied. The officer said no, you are not actually denied. He said 'I advise that you apply for an artist visa instead.'"

Ivy added: "The process took 3 to 4 days and the X Factor team had to travel in two days."

Speaking to Gulf News, the mum-of-one continued: “X Factor assured me that I can join next year. They will accept me and I no longer have to submit a video audition. They will just call me for the live audition."

Despite being forced to quit, Ivy reflected: “I was not out because I failed as an artist. I was not able to continue because of some paper work, so it didn’t hurt that much. I know performance-wise they are happy with me. They all love me and I had all positive comments from them."

Meanwhile, in a post on her Facebook page, Ivy told fans: "Despite the emotional pain, frustrations, I can still say I am happy and I will always be thankful to the X Factor team for giving me the break and exposure.

"The comments given by the esteemed judges will serve as my guide in pursuing my dreams of becoming a professional singer and artist. To the X Factor UK; especially to my mentor Sharon Osbourne for her unfailing support, Simon Cowell for the opportunity which millions did not have… the chance to hug you; thank you very much! You changed my life…"


With a free spot in her category, Overs mentor Sharon invited back Honey G.

Honey will now compete for a place in the live shows together with Samantha Atkinson, James Wilson, Relley C, Christopher Peyton and Janet Grogan.

The X Factor 2016 airs this Saturday and Sunday night on ITV.

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