Is X Factor's Honey G a FAKE? A prankster or just a genius?


Even the other contestants on The X Factor 2016 aren't sure if Honey G is real.

On Sunday night's show, Honey was seen singing for the judges at the six chair challenge and told cameras: "I see myself as a massive innovator in the game right now. When I rap, it feels amazing, it feels I am in my element, like Jay Z, Missy Elliot, like Nicki Minaj.

"My first audition was incredible. Nicole and Sharon actually started dancing, Sharon is down with my vibe, she is ready for me... she'll give me a chair. I really hope she doesn’t let the next Jay Z slip through her fingers."

Honey G concluded: "I am the realest chick in the game right now.”


After singing Missy Elliott ft Pharrell’s WTF (Where They From), Honey G was told by Simon Cowell “You shouldn’t be doing that, but you are.

"I don’t know whether you are real... if you are, you are a genius. If I am being mugged here, you are a genius.”

She then got a NO by mentor Sharon Osbourne, as a result of Ivy Grace's departure from the competition, will progress through to judges' houses this weekend.

But is it all an act?

Even the other contestants aren't sure, with Yes Lad's Lewis saying this week: "When we first met her and we were filming Boot Camp, we thought she was fake. She was all out there."

Luke added to Digital Spy: "Because they [X Factor] play tricks on you, don't they? She had a mic on her. Then we found out she was an act on the show. She is such a lovely woman - when you get to know her she is a really nice woman.

"There is no one like Honey G."

It turns out that away from the 'North Weezy rap scene' you probably wouldn't notice Honey G walking down the street.

Real name Anna Georgette Gilford, the 35-year-old runs an IT recruitment firm as her day to day job.


Anna has a degree in management from the University College London and a degree in Music and recording from The University of Salford.

It's fair to say she's one smart cookie.... but can she make the live shows?

We'll find out this weekend during the judges' houses when The X Factor continues on ITV Saturday 1st October at 8pm and Sunday 2nd October at 7.30pm.

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