X Factor 2016's biggest bootcamp performances revealed

x factor bootcamp

Ahead of six chairs this weekend, we look back at last Sunday's X Factor bootcamp's biggest performances.

And the countdown may surprise you, with this top four based on online hits and shares since Sunday's show...

Saara Alto

Her bootcamp performance may have only lasted all of 30 seconds (or at least what we saw of it) but Saara's song has notched up over 600,000 hits in the past few days.


Samantha Atkinson, Rebekah Ryan and James Wilson

There was drama galore as Sam, Rebeckah and James rehearsed their duet but it (just) came together at the last minute for the three Overs, who are now all in the six chair challenge.


Tom and Laura, Matt Terry, Aeron Smith

There were few signs of trouble in this group's performance with Laura proving Simon Cowell's suggestion that she and Tom should split wrong, nailing her part of a performance of See You Again.


Peyton, Caitlyn and No Getaway

Caitlyn Vanbeck and Christopher Peyton both NAILED their cover of Wake Me Up, unfortunately so for boy band No Getaway who were left in the shade by the pair's big voices.

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