X Factor judges blasted for putting through 'novelty acts' over talent

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The X Factor 2016 judges are under fire for putting through 'novelty acts' ahead of actual singers.

Viewers have hit out at the panel following the decisions at bootcamp on Sunday night.

While we all know by now just how The X Factor works and that it's about your personality and image as much as your vocals, it doesn't make it any easier saying goodbye to talented contestants.

Some of those who made it through at the weekend included rapper Honey G from Harrow, ahem, North Weezy, and wacky duo Ottavio and Bradley.

┬ęThames / Syco

At the same time, the judges said NO to the likes of boy band Exposure, Aeron Smith, Sacha Taylor and Ryan Lawrie.

"And that's exactly why Xfactor is a fix. Honey G and the chicken guys get through but the likes of Ryan and exposure don't? #FixFactor" wrote one viewer on Twitter.

Another added: "Proper annoys me, they were some really good singers that got sent home but the coach Trip rejects and Honey G got put through #Fix #XFactor"

And a third agreed: "Once again #XFactor sacrifices talent for novelty acts they think will make for 'interesting' TV. The show is a joke"

With bootcamp over and done with, it's now onto six chairs where the power shifts from all the judges to each mentor.

This year Simon Cowell is in charge of the girls, Nicole Scherzinger has the guys, Sharon Osbourne is with the over 25s and Louis Walsh - gasp - has the groups.

They'll each decide which six acts from their category will make it through to judges' houses and potentially onto the live shows.

Stay tuned for the results...

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The X Factor airs this Saturday and Sunday night on ITV.

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