X Factor contestant forced to quit at judges' houses over visa issue - SPOILERS

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An X Factor contestant has been forced to quit judges' houses due to a visa issue.

Given we're still at the boot camp stages, this is a major SPOILER about who gets through so stop reading *NOW* if you don't want details.



According to The Sun newspaper, Filipino Ivy Grace Paredes has been forced to quit despite making it through to six chairs and into the Top 6 of the Overs category.

The singer NAILED her audition and took the roof off Wembley Arena with her Six Chair Challenge performance, due to air next weekend on ITV.

However US authorities are said to have rejected Ivy's visa to film in LA for judges houses "over an issue in her past" which has not been revealed.

"Ivy was a real hope for the judges after her audition but her dreams are in tatters," a source said this weekend. “She was point blank refused the visa.

“X Factor tried their best to help, but ran out of time."

They added: “There has been talk of a past issue causing problems but no one but Ivy knows the reason.”

An X Factor source confirmed: “There was an issue with her application being approved. That meant she was not granted a visa in time and sadly had to withdraw from the competition.”

It's not the first time that visa issues have forced acts out at judges' houses.

In 2012, Rough Copy were forced to quit for the same reason.

Ivy Grace on The X Factor
Ivy Grace on The X Factor

And in 2013 when they returned, yet again visa problems caused issues and forced one member to leave at the judges' houses stage.

It does seem mightily unfair that an act's chances on the show can be ruined over paperwork, but we guess that's just an annoying part of life...

On the flip side, Ivy's exit means a second chance for another act who will presumably join the judges' houses stage despite getting a no at the six chair challenge.

The X Factor continues on ITV tonight at 7:30PM with the bootcamp special.

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