X Factor 2016 bootcamp! James Wilson 'freaks out' and goes AWOL

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James Wilson 'freaks out' on tonight's X Factor 2016 bootcamp with the pressure on.

Following the wall of songs twist, James is in a group with fellow Overs category singers Samantha Atkinson and Rebekah Ryan, singing Dusty Springfield's I Only Want To Be With You.

However James tells cameras that his dyslexia - which he spoke about holding him back during his first audition - is causing issues learning the lyrics.

Samantha encourages: "James is struggling a little bit but as long as we help him, we've still got the rest of the day to rehearse. I know he's going to do it."

However later James disappears with the trio being put on last to perform.

After a search around the bootcamp venue, Samantha and Rebekah eventually make contact with James by phone where he tells them: "I just freaked out."

As a result, Rebekah and Samantha end up rehearsing as a duo for their performance

"I am absolutely gutted," Rebekah remarks as the pair re-arrange their song together.

But, in one last twist, James surprises the girls by reappearing at the last minute.

Meanwhile, the judges wait on with an empty stage...

Tune in to see the performance and to find out which acts make it through to the six chair challenge on this evening's show.

The X Factor 2016 bootcamp airs tonight at 7:30PM on ITV.

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