X Factor 2016: Bootcamp tears as Caitlyn Vanbeck frets over song choice

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There are tears on tonight's X Factor 2016 bootcamp as Caitlyn Vanbeck worries over her song choice.

After taking on the wall of songs twist, Caitlyn ends up with Wake Me Up by Avicii alongside boy band No Getaway and Christopher Peyton, who featured on last night's show.

"I literally grabbed the first one that I saw that I knew," Caitlyn says.

She reflects: "There are so many amazing singers at bootcamp. Seeing them actually makes you question, 'am I good enough?'"

Recalling her first audition, Caitlyn adds: "I just remember Simon comparing me to Kelly Clarkson. For me that was just a huge thing...

"The pressure to live up to my first audition and the comments I got is really, really, scary. Now I've got to do even better than that."

During rehearsals, Caitlyn finds it tough to arrange the song to fit her voice.

"I just picked the first song and I'm regretting picking it," she cries in front of the cameras.

But Peyton encourages her: "Don't freak out, why don't we try to make it work?"

However the group are then called up to be first on stage to sing for the judges.

Caitlyn reacts: "It's going to be quite difficult to get it ready on time and I am now starting to worry quite a lot for the group."

Tune in to see the performance and to find out which acts make it through to the six chair challenge on this evening's show.

The X Factor 2016 bootcamp airs tonight at 7:30PM on ITV.

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