X Factor girl group 4 of Diamonds are Nicole Scherzinger's favourites

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Girl group 4 of Diamonds won over Nicole Scherzinger in tonight's X Factor auditions.

4 of Diamonds are a girl group made up of Caroline, Sophia, Yasmin and Lauren.

"We're modern but we put a kind of 60s urban twist on it," said the girls of their sound.

Wanting to impress Nicole Scherzinger in particular, the four piece performed Meghan Trainor's No for the judges this evening.

And Nicole was VERY impressed, as she commented: "I don't know how to say this... for me, you're my favourite girl group I've seen."

"OH MY GOD WE LOVE YOU" the four fangirled in response.

Nicole went on: "Everybody can hold their own, everybody has a different tone, a different style and can really sing."

Sharon Osbourne adds "I think they're one of the first girl groups we've had that actually look like you are a group."

Louis Walsh adds: "You look good, the vocals were good, there's definitely something here."

And even Simon Cowell loved them, as the four girls stormed out the auditions room with a place in bootcamp.

But can they get through to the six chair challenge?

We don't don't have long to wait to find out with bootcamp airing tomorrow night on ITV from 7:30PM.

For now, relive 4 of Diamonds audition in the video below...

Other acts singing for the panel in this evening's final round of try outs included Mike Hough, Samantha Atkinson and Waterloo Road actor Will Rush.

Meanwhile there was drama when one act broke into the audition room after being told by the producers they didn't have time to have her sing for the judges.

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