X Factor 2016: Confident Soheila Clifford makes quite the impression on the judges

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Soheila Clifford made quite the impression on The X Factor tonight as the final auditions took place.

Soheila is an 18 year-old part-time waitress from Cheltenham.

Her parents have remortgaged their house TWICE To support Soheila's dreams of stardom, including sending her to stage school.

"What are you doing?!" a shocked Dermot O'Leary asked Soheila's mum and dad.

"It was worth the money," they said, "We'd do it again."

Soheila described herself as an "all rounder" and told cameras: "I don't want to be just famous, I don't want people to just know who I am, I want people to look up to me and be like 'Wow, I want to be like her'."

Having been singing since she was two, Soheila added: "The way I look up to my idols now, I'd like to be that for someone else...

"I like to consider myself a performer and not just a vocalist... I have The X Factor as a performer, as a vocalist and today is my chance to prove what I'm capable of."

Once in the judges' room, the teenager told the judges: "This exact spot is what I've always wanted to do and I've literally worked so far to be in this very spot. My parents have scarified everything for me."

Simon Cowell commented: "You're very confident, Soheila."

When it came to he performance of Ariana Grande's Problem, Soheila was told she had a lot of confidence and a great image but only an "okay" voice.

However that was enough for the judges who gave Soheila four yeses into bootcamp but can she get any further?

We don't don't have long to wait to find out with bootcamp airing tomorrow night (Sunday) on ITV from 7:30PM.

For now, relive Soheila's X Factor audition in the video below...

Other acts who performed for the panel in this evening's final round of try outs included Waterloo Road star Will Rush, Mike Hough, Samantha Atkinson and girl group 4 of Diamonds.

Meanwhile there was drama when one act stormed the audition room after being told by the producers they didn't have time to have her sing for the judges.

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