X Factor's Anelisa Lamola has been hiding behind a tree since her last audition

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X Factor's Anelisa Lamola has said she spent her time away from the show "hiding behind a tree".

We assume not for the ENTIRE seven years, of course.

Anelisa, who was only 17 when she first appeared on the show back in 2007 made a storming comeback at the weekend to sail through to bootcamp for a second time.

Speaking to the official X Factor website at ITV.com, she explained: "I needed to go and hide behind a tree and be depressed and then wake up and figure out what I like, what I want to sing and what I want to sound like. At that time, I just knew I had a talent, so then I started clinging myself to all the big singers - but that wasn’t the real me."

Anelisa went on: “I needed to just grow, to have a few bad boyfriends, learn how to pay bills!

“I haven’t had any good boyfriends! I make bad choices! You know, when you’re confident in yourself - you date just to feel validated as opposed to dating because I love who I am.”

Meanwhile, in an interview with The Sun newspaper, Anelisa revealed how she had been targeted by trolls and bullies following her first appearance on the show nine years ago.

"I’ve always been a bubbly personality and when I did the show [in 2007] and didn’t get through, it really did knock my confidence," she recalled. “I had lots of people saying I’m fat and can’t sing, and it was a lot to go through at 17.”

“I was a young girl and still developing and trying to grow into myself.

“It was like when you watch films and it’s all bright and sunny and then there’s a crow or something and it goes dark.”

The X Factor continues this Saturday and Sunday night on ITV.

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