The X Factor 2016: Antonia Mirat's pop-opera mashup gives Simon Cowell a HEADACHE

The X Factor 2016 - Antonia Mirat

Antonia Mirat's attempt at bringing opera to The X Factor 2016 gave Simon Cowell a HEADACHE - but the other three judges put her through to Bootcamp.

Antonia, a full-time singer from Croatia, insisted she thought opera could work on the mainstream talent contest.

"Yeah, I think so... to give opera a chance to be popular for young people, and maybe people who are poor and can’t go there," she said. "It can be on TV shows, why not?"

The 32-year-old performed her own pop-opera mashup - Queen of the Night set to a fast-paced dance beat.

The piercing audition thrilled Sharon Osbourne, who was bopping along in her seat - but Simon was left holding his head in his hands.

"I just didn’t understand a word of it. It was like you were screaming at me," he said.

"Have you ever been to an opera? That’s what it sounds like!" Nicole Scherzinger retorted. "That’s how she sings! I think she has an amazing voice and she is an amazing opera singer, I love that song."

"You are a very, I think, good opera singer," Simon conceded. "I’m not sure how that’s gonna work on Abba week."

Sharon invited Antonia to continue singing, but Simon interjected: "No no no, I’ve got a headache. You can do it while I go to the loo."

While he went to relieve himself, Antonia left with "three screams" from the rest of the judges, saying: "I made him mad! Thank you very much."

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