X Factor 2016 acts miming? Bosses deny auditions are lip synced

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The X Factor 2016 has become embroiled in a miming scandal amid claims that acts are lip syncing during auditions.

However a spokesperson for The X Factor has insisted that every act does sing live for the judges.

On Twitter last night a number of viewers suggested that groups 5AM and Girl Next Door in particular were miming their performances.

"Nicole going on about working on their harmonies and vocals… they were clearly f***ing miming," one wrote.

"Do you really think people are that stupid? Those bands were clearly miming," another added.

A spokesperson for the show commented: "Everyone who auditions for The X Factor sings live in front of the judges."

Even if they were miming it didn't seem to help much given both acts found themselves criticised by the judges for their vocals.

But it's not the first time that the show has come under attack for tweaking the sound of performances.

Back in 2010 The X Factor was rocked by an AutoTune scandal that prompted hundreds of complaints to TV Watchdog Ofcom.

At the time, The X Factor said: "The judges make their decisions at the auditions stage based on what they hear on the day, live in the arena.

"The footage and sound is then edited and dubbed into a finished programme, to deliver the most entertaining experience possible for viewers."

The X Factor 2016 auditions continue Sunday night at 8PM on ITV.

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