X Factor 2016: Faye Horne gives Simon Cowell the giggles in hilarious audition

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Faye Horne gives Simon Cowell the giggles on The X Factor 2016 this Sunday night on ITV.

A 24 year-old accounts admin assistant from Warwickshire, flirty Faye begins her day enjoying a chat with Dermot "pretty eyes" O'Leary.

She tells cameras: "I'm awful for getting the giggles, I sing at bigger halls and social clubs where they play the bingo and get out the door before I've even started singing. I'd quite to actually do a gig where people want to come, for a start. Today could be the start of a new life me. I am nervous, to have Simon Cowell that close to me is a really scary thought.

Faye then walks into the judges room and ends up in a fit of giggles with Simon Cowell.

"Faye Horny?" Simon asks after she introduces herself.

"Behave yourself!" jokes Faye.

"I just want to giggle," Simon laughs, "I can't do this!"

With Simon and Faye unable to keep a straight face, Simon decides to turn his back The Voice style.

Eventually Faye gets through her audition song but will it be a yes from Simon and the other judges?

You can watch a preview of Faye's audition in the video below...

Watch her full performance and find out if Faye can make bootcamp when The X Factor 2016 auditions continue Sunday night at 8PM on ITV.

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