X Factor 2016: Was Bradley Hunt and Ottavio Columbro's chicken row FAKE?

Bradley Hunt and Ottavio Columbro

X Factor's Bradley Hunt and Ottavio Columbro have responded to comments over their 'fake' chicken row.

The pair had originally planned to audition for the show together but had an argument before their performance over raw chicken, of all things.

So they instead decided to audition separately before the judges persuaded them to reunite on Saturday night's show.

They went on to sing Pussycat Dolls' Buttons together and scraped their way through to bootcamp with three yeses.

Simon Cowell said no, telling them: "I like you two but you weren't great individually, I actually think you're worse together."

As the ridiculous scenes aired, some viewers claimed the whole thing was a set up just for air time and publicity.

But speaking on ITV's Lorraine this morning, the pair insisted it was completely real.

Frankly, we're not sure which we'd prefer to be the truth.

"It was genuine," Bradley said. "The thing is, we are just dramatic people. Even the way we dress is dramatic."We always fall out over silly things but then we make up again."

Chatting on Xtra Factor on Saturday evening, the duo went into some detail about just what had happened the day before their audition.

"I wanted some dinner and he gave me some chicken, after waiting quite a long time, and I cut into it and it's pink," Ottavio explained.

Bradley complained: "I just wanted him to say thank you, I tired, I didn't want him to throw it onto my knee caps."

"I should have said thank you," admitted Ottavio.

The pair say there have been no major rows since their audition.

"It's always like banter, banter, banter with us, we're such big personalities, we just clash but no big fallouts," Bradley explained.

Ottavio quipped: "I stick to boil in the bag rice from now on."

The X Factor 2016 auditions continue this Saturday and Sunday night on ITV.

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