Ryan Ruckledge slams X Factor and claims he was 'set up' by the show

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Rejected X Factor singer Ryan Ruckledge has slammed the show and accused producers of setting him up.

Ryan, who appeared on the series last year, was given the axe by the judges at bootcamp before going on to join the Big Brother house.

During his time at X Factor bootcamp, Ryan was seen getting drunk at the welcome party before fluffing his performance the next day while hungover.

But he accused this weekend: "A camera crew was following me from the pool, dripping wet, p***ed out of my brains, falling into bushes all the way back to the hotel. They were egging me on to do all sorts!"

Speaking to the Daily Express newspaper, Ryan explained: "I think it's a bit of a fix. The producers knew what they were doing putting me through, they knew I couldn't sing and they knew I knew I couldn't sing!

"They were just doing it because they just knew that I would give them entertainment. It's more like applying for a part in Hollyoaks than it is going on a singing competition."

Ryan went on to hit out at reports suggesting that most of the finalists last year had been invited to audition - apparently only two of the final 24 acts were not scouted.

"I just think that's why people are saying it's so fixed! It's not just like Joe Bloggs has just turned up off the street, lucky and won it," Ryan complained.

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