X Factor 2016: Matt Terry gets flirty with Nicole Scherzinger at his audition

nicole matt terry

Matt Terry gets flirty with Nicole Scherzinger on The X Factor 2016 tonight.

23-year-old Matt reveals to the judges at the auditions this evening how he was a waiter but had to quit his job after an upsetting break up.

In fact, Matt was dumped just before his birthday three years into the relationship.

"Music is my passion, it's the dream come true, it's what I'm here for," he continues. "I'm going to go for it with everything I have."

Nicole replies: "Well I hope you don't suck, 'cause I like you already."

And with those, err, words of encouragement, it's over to Matt as he sings Ben E. King’s Stand By Me.

After the performance, Nicole comments: "I am so happy you don't suck, that was great."

Matt replies: "You're great!"

Nicole teases: "I feel you... it got hot really fast."

Matt then tries to set his nan up with Simon Cowell.

"My nan has flown all the way over from Spain and she's your biggest fan," he tells the music mogul.

"So Nicole gets you and I get the nan?" replies Simon.

"We can double date!" exclaims Matt.

Watch a preview of Matt's audition below...

The X Factor 2016 auditions return Sunday night at 8PM on ITV.

And don't forget all new Xtra Factor LIVE which airs straight after on ITV2, hosted by Rylan Clark-Neal and Matt Edmondson.

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