X Factor's Honey G plans to perform her own music on the live shows

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Honey G plans to perform her own music on The X Factor 2016 live shows.

Assuming she gets that far, of course.

Honey G from North West London - aka North Wheezy - brought her unique version of Missy Elliott's Work It to the Room Auditions on Saturday night.

Honey G made it into bootcamp with three yeses but Simon Cowell was NOT a fan.

"It was so uncomfortable, you shouldn't be doing this," he told her.

But Honey G - real name Anna Georgette Gilford - isn't bothered about that.

Chatting to DigitalSpy, she revealed plans to perform and release her very own music.

"Obviously I can hold a note," she said, "I can sing so yeah, it might be a mixture of me rapping and singing.

"It depends on who I'm working with or what track I'm gonna write. I'm not sure what style of track I'm gonna put forward."

As well as being a singer, rapper and songwriter, Honey G is also a producer and composer.


She explained: "I've released a lot of exclusive tracks which I produced, composed and arranged all myself on Soundcloud."

And Honey G added: "I'm just about to record a video for my latest new single which is hopefully gonna be released over the next few months."

The X Factor 2016 auditions continue Saturday and Sunday night on ITV.

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