X Factor 2016: Honey G REVEALED as she says she can WIN the competition

honey g revealed

X Factor's Honey G reckons she can WIN the the show this year following her audition at the weekend.

It comes as the throwback pictures show the singer, real name Anna Georgette Gilford, looking very different to what The X Factor judges saw at the weekend.

Honey G from North West London - aka North Wheezy - brought her unique version of Missy Elliott's Work It to the Room Auditions on Saturday night.

x factor honey g

The performer described herself as a "genuine urban artist" who was "representing for The X Factor massive."

Honey G made it into bootcamp with three yeses but Simon Cowell was NOT a fan.

"It was so uncomfortable, you shouldn't be doing this," he told her.

Speaking to press today, Honey G insisted there was nothing fake about her persona, declaring: "Me coming into the competition is like a breakthrough - the judges need to wake up to that. This isn't a joke."

She told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "Nothing about me is like a joke act. Or a joke ting. It's real, it's serious. It's about getting my music across and staying true to the game.

"I'm the real deal. I'm the realest chick. I'm the realest chick in the game right now. There are a lot of brilliant artists doing really good things but I can bring something new to the table."

Honey G said the support from viewers had been "brilliant" and hoped they'd continue to back her as she insisted winning the competition was more than possible.

'People need to wake up to what I'm doing and what I'm trying to achieve," explained Honey G. "Not just people going mad, saying whatever. It's about people waking up to what I'm doing. We need more of that for people to recognise what I am doing.

"People need to check themselves and say 'actually Honey G can win. This is about reality and not about creating something that is false. I define reality."

Meanwhile, chatting to DigitalSpy, Honey G explained just where her stage name comes from.

"It was the year 2000 because before I became a producer and rapper, I was a DJ," she recalled. "It was one of my friends at university who came up with it and said 'well how about Honey G?' and I was like 'why Honey G' and he says ''cause it's sweet like honey, innit?"

For now we'll have to wait until the end of the auditions before we know if Honey G can make it any further

The X Factor 2016 continues this Saturday and Sunday night on ITV.

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