E4's Stage School starts tonight with X Factor's Casey Johnson


E4's Stage School kicks off tonight as X Factor's Casey Johnson joins the Academy.

The new reality series - which will air each week night at 7:30PM - follows the lives of the students and teachers at the prestigious D&B Academy of Performing Arts in Bromley.

Going behind the scenes of a real-life stage school, the series bears witness to the all-singing, all-dancing rollercoaster journey of auditions, love affairs and jazz hands.

Oh, and all the bitching, backstabbing and arguments as well.

In episode one this evening, it's jazz hands at dawn as Stage School owners Donna and Bonnie welcome two new students who are both talent show alumni.

The Voice UK finalist Rachael O'Connor and former X-Factor contestant Casey (from Stereo Kicks and now Union J) both join Stage School.

"After leaving The X Factor I had really high hopes but we [Stereo Kicks] released one single, this is literally a second chance for me," Casey says in a preview for the show.

While most of the current talent in the school seizes the opportunity to eye up the new competition, unlucky-in-love Durone decides to take nervous newbie Rachael under his wing in an attempt to win her affections.

Elsewhere, there are auditions for a new girlband while Casey finds himself invited to a birthday bash.

Stage School airs week nights on E4 at 7:30PM, starting tonight.

Watch a trailer for Stage School below...

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