X Factor 2016 spoilers: 5 acts to watch out for in the auditions

xf living doll

The X Factor continues this weekend but before the latest show, we've got word on some acts to keep an eye out for.

The one who stormed the set

"She just appeared from nowhere!" reveals Dermot O'Leary. "In her defence she got told she wasn’t going to be able to be seen that day and there was a big sign on the door saying ‘judges room, keep out’, so she didn’t break the Da Vinci code to get in!

"So she got in and for me it’s really awkward because I’m with someone else’s friends and family and they are going, ‘Who’s that girl?’, so I had to usher them to one side and then this girl’s family, who are hard core Scousers, start cheering her on. They put her through because they admired her guts.

"All-in-all it was a rather eggy situation. Part of me thought, ‘Good on you’ but then I had to play politics with this other family. I was trying to be peacemaker but it was hard that day."

The one who stripped for Sharon Osbourne

She says: "Oh my lord! I kind of felt sorry for him because he wasn’t that great but he bothered to do the stripping and all the dancing, balancing on one hand, everything. I’m like, ‘Yes you’re through, please stop now, seriously, please stop!’."

The one who looks like Adele

Sharon teases: "There was a lovely girl in Manchester who had lost a lot of weight and looked like Adele. She had a great personality, a lovely girl. I remember her voice, she’s a very good contestant.

The drag queen girl band

Louis Walsh explains: "We had some drag queens who looked like the Spice Girls or maybe Girls Aloud! They couldn’t sing so they reminded me of those two groups!

Judges at The X Factor 2016 auditions
Judges at The X Factor 2016 auditions

The living doll

"This woman comes in and she’s a living doll," says Louis. "She’s wearing funny clothes and the more questions we asked her about her life, she gave us nothing. She’s a very quirky one, could she sing? A little bit. Let’s see what she does - and wears - at bootcamp!"

Sharon adds: "And guess what, I insulted her! It would be me who insults her! I said to her, ‘Tell me, do dolls have sex?’, and she goes, ‘That’s not an appropriate question to ask!’. So I remember her, but I thought she didn’t really look like a doll. Years ago they used to have these crochet covers for the toilet roll, she looked like a toilet roll cover!"

The X Factor 2016 continues this Saturday and Sunday night on ITV.

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