X Factor 2016: Saara from Finland's AMAZING audition is a hit

Finish singer Saara Aalto had Nicole Scherzinger's BUM clapping on The X Factor at the weekend.

And Nicole's behind wasn't the only one left impressed with 'Saara from Finland', as she is now known it seems.

Her performance of Sia's Chandelier has proved a huge hit online and has already racked up a million viewers making it the most watched performance of the weekend.

Not bad going when you consider it aired only barely a day ago.

"This is the first time I come to UK, so happy!" said an adorable Saara before her audition on Sunday night's show. "I've always had this one dream to be a real Disney princess. Since I was a child, I can sing Let It Go in 15 languages.

"We can see X Factor from Finish TV and so I've been watching the shows with Simon, I actually had no idea I'd be singing in front of him. I can't believe this is true, this is happening."

In front of the judges, Saara revealed: "I've performed a lot, a lot, I've done talent shows in Finland but I have never done anything like this, I need help which is why I came here."

After blowing the judges away with her voice, Saara got soe strange if ultimately flattering feedback

Nicole Scherzinger said: "That was so good you make me want to twerk right now, my ass wants to clap for you. You are the bomb dot com."

She continued: "You're an artist with your voice, you just painted the most gorgeous picture. I feel grateful I got to witness that."

Simon Cowell said: "That's how you do it. You have a very good voice... you've got soul and maybe you just need a platform."

Louis added: "I love your voice, you really owned the song."

The X Factor 2016 auditions continue next Saturday and Sunday night on ITV.

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