X Factor 2016: Caitlyn Vanbeck makes Nicole Scherzinger CRY with stunning audition

x factor nicole Caitlyn

Caitlyn Vanbeck made Nicole Scherzinger CRY with a stunning audition on The X Factor 2016 this evening.

Caitlyn is an 18 year-old student from Edinburgh and certainly made an impression in the first show of the series tonight.

"I live at home, we're a close family, we do everything together," said Caitlyn, who auditioned for the show last year but wasn't shown.

"I've had a lot of knock backs, at school I got bullied quite a lot, my dad always told me to keep going, so did my mum so I want to make them proud," Caitlyn told the judges.

A powerful performance of Kelly Clarkson's Piece by Piece followed that left Nicole in tears.

"You're a force to be reckoned with," she told cute Caitlyn. "I don't usually cry about the stuff that's not been about me but when you were talking about your parents..."

Caitlyn revealed: "That song was from when my dad was picking me up when I was down and stuff..."

Nicole sobbed: "I have the same thing, my parents, I don't ever talk about them but I'm nothing without them, so I just related to you on that level."

She concluded: "You're friggin' awesome."

Simon Cowell said: "15 years ago I was on a show in American and a girl came in and told me she wanted to be a star and her name was Kelly Clarkson and she went on to win American Idol. Hearing you sing tat it was like going back 15 years."

And Louis Walsh added: "I think you're the best singer we've had."

The X Factor 2016 auditions continue Sunday at 8PM on ITV and don't forget to catch the Xtra Factor LIVE at 9:30PM tonight on ITV2 with Rylan Clark-Neal and Matt Edmondson.

Watch Caitlyn's audition below...

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