X Factor 2016: Go behind the scenes at judges' glam photoshoot

Here's a behind the scenes look at the promo shoot for the new X Factor, which will start this Saturday night.

Ever wondered what it’s like being an X Factor Judge or Presenter? Well ITV have released a new video for this year's show as Dermot, Simon, Sharon, Louis and Nicole strike their best poses for the camera as they go glam for this year's promo shoot.

"Me and Louis have a relationship that goes back a long way," Simon said of the new look panel today. "Louis’ naughty, the auditions are long days but he makes it much more fun.

"I was actually thinking that about all of them actually, it’s like a little reunion, they are all on great form.

"Me and Sharon are a bit like Tom and Jerry, but we love each other secretly, and Nicole is slightly nuts, I love that. Then there’s Dermot, I missed him so much."

Sharon added: "It feels really right to be back at this time, it feels good. Simon said he wanted the show to be back to the way it was, small audition rooms, he wanted everyone to have fun.

"Listen, we’re all competitive with one another because we all want to win, nobody wants to sit there the last few weeks with no one in your category, but at the same time, we’re not so badly competitive. We want to take it seriously but at the same time enjoy what we’re doing and have fun on camera and off air too."

And Louis raved: "Honestly, we all get on so well, but we all have opinions and we all bring different things to the show. Simon is very relaxed and he’s very funny this year. And he’s looking younger this year, have you noticed? What has he done? Something’s happened? Maybe it’s the lighting."

The X Factor returns to ITV this Saturday 27th August 2016 at 8pm and Sunday 28th August at 8pm.

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