Katie Waissel slams Cheryl (again) but "loves" X Factor boss Simon Cowell

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Katie Waissel has taken aim at Cheryl once again, but praised X Factor boss Simon Cowell.

Katie has said she "loves" Simon in a new interview that took place before she entered the Celebrity Big Brother house last week.

And she's even claimed to have had more contact with Louis Walsh than former mentor on the show Cheryl.

“He’s an amazing human and I adore him," Katie said of Simon. “I spoke to Louis (fellow X Factor judge Louis Walsh) about a year ago but the last time I saw Simon was at Christmas, before we left for Atlanta. I love him so much.”

Cheryl and Katie of course locked horns after the show over comments the former X Factor judge made about Katie in her autobiography.

Katie insisted her attack against Cheryl was "justified" in an interview with this week's OK! Magazine: "She wasn’t very nice to me. I don’t know why she put me in her book in the first place, it was so unnecessary.

"But I stand up for what I believe in and I’m very anti-bullying."

While she may now be in the CBB house, it hasn't stopped Katie talking about Cheryl.

Chatting in the bedroom over the weekend, Katie said she found Cheryl's comments 'mean' and had no regrets about speaking up against the 'Nation's Sweetheart'.

"I don't mind staying true to myself and standing up for myself," Katie told the housemates. "I think, 'Why should I back down if someone's being mean about me?', 'Why should I take it?'"

Katie went on: "It doesn't matter if it was Cheryl or the guy down the street."

The singer, who now lives in America, went on to shock the housemates by revealing of her time on The X Factor: "I legit had death threats, I had stuff thrown at me in the street and there was nothing I could do to change it other than go out on Saturday nights and sing."

However Katie concluded: "It's made me who I am today."

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