Louis Walsh takes aim at past X Factor judges who 'couldn't sing live'

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Louis Walsh has taken aim at The X Factor's former judges who 'couldn't sing live'.

Who could he possibly mean?

Chatting on Irish TV at the weekend, Louis spoke about this year's series and the return of Nicole Scherzinger.

But Louis - being Louis - couldn't help but get a dig in.

"I think she's amazing, she can really, really sing," he said of Nicole. "She did Cats, she can sing, perform, act, and she can do it live unlike other judges on the show..."

We could only speculate about who the judge of twelve years is referring too..

Saying nicer things, Louis went on to praise boss Simon Cowell despite being sacked TWICE now.

"He's a pussy cat," Louis explained. "If you met him you'd be charmed. He never curses, never raises his voice... and he loves animals."

Louis is back on The X Factor this year after a year away and admitted he was glad 2015's series didn't quite hit ratings highs.

He said: "I was sacked, they just told me not to comeback. I was initially annoyed but then I watched the show and I was happy, I was really glad it didn't work without me!

"I think they [viewers] liked the old format, the fun, and the old crew, the more experienced crew."

"ITV wanted to make the show younger," Louis added," "But it just didn't work."

This year's X Factor judging panel sees not only the return of Louis and Nicole but also a comeback from Sharon Osbourne, which proved difficult to secure.

Revealing he had to help persuade her to say yes Louis blabbed: "Getting Sharon back was a tough job because she and Simon don't see eye to eye."

The X Factor 2016 is expected to begin on ITV from next month.

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