X Factor bosses hit back at claims the show is 'faked'

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X Factor bosses have hit back at claims that the show is fake after an 'exposé' from an auditionee.

Teenage hopeful Daisy Gill spoke out to the Daily Mirror newspaper about her treatment, waiting for hours only to not be seen by the judges.

"We were basically used as unpaid extras for the whole day," she told the tabloid. "Getting moved from seat to seat, sitting behind these people getting interviewed to make the place look packed when in reality there was about four contestants in the room and all their families."

After waiting for 17 hours, Daisy supposedly stormed into the audition room to confront the judges.

"This is a disgrace, you people ought to be ashamed. What a waste of my time and money," Daisy is quoted as saying. "You people disgust me, you play God with people's lives and expect people not to react."

Daisy accused the show's team of treating her "disgustingly" and revealed her "disprespect" for the judges.

She said: "Simon Cowell has a net worth of about £500 million - so the least he could do is see every single person who walks through that door instead of wasting people's time, money and energy to make him look good."

A spokesperson for The X Factor responded to Daisy's claims in a lengthy statement to the tabloid.

They pointed out that Daisy was only ever on the reserve list of auditionees and was made aware of this both before and after arriving to perform.

The spokesperson said: "This is something which most TV shows with contestants would do, in case someone drops out or we can see more people than originally planned.

"[Daisy] was told that she was a reserve in advance of the day and then also reminded on the day that they would only be seen if there was time.

"It’s unfortunate that [she is] upset by not getting to audition but [she] was clearly told on the day. We do where possible look to reschedule reserve contestants on other days if there is space."

X Factor bosses also hit back at the claims of 'fakery', explaining: "We film people registering to audition both during the judges auditions and during our open auditions – these scenes are done on the day and are not faked. This is not accurate. And neither do we con people into being extras.

"The holding room is made up of contestants waiting to audition, including reserves and their friends and family – everyone is able to bring friends and family."

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