Reggie n Bollie on how The X Factor has changed their lives

reggie n bollie

X Factor duo Reggie n Bollie say that the show has changed their lives.

The Ghanaian pair are currently preparing to release their debut single after being signed by Simon Cowell's Syco record label.

Reggie n Bollie finished second in last year's show behind Louisa Johnson and will next month drop their first track, New Girl, on May 13.

Right now the pals are in Ghana filming a music video for the song.

And speaking on Ghanaian radio station Citi FM to Jessica Opare Saforo, Reggie n Bollie spoke about how The X Factor has changed everything for them.

“There has been an immense change in our lives. We are no longer the two guys who were trying to do music but now we’ve got a following and they are looking up to us,” Bollie said.

He added: “We look at these fans and we see that they are not just following us because we are Reggie N Bollie but because they like something about us.

"Because of this, we have to keep grounded, keep the focus and keep striving.”

Talking about working with Simon Cowell, RnB admitted the music mogul is VERY honest and “will say it’s blue if it is.”

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