Stevi Ritchie speaks out about Chloe Jasmine 'split'

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Stevi Ritchie has opened up about his supposed split with Chloe Jasmine.

It was reported yesterday that X Factor lovebirds Stevi and Chloe had called off their engagement just two months before they planned to get married.

The former Celebrity Big Brother housemates formed quite the odd couple but were together for close to two years since first hooking up during The X Factor live shows back in 2014.

A rep for the pair is quoted as saying: "Chloe and Stevi are taking a break due to busy work schedules."

According to Stevi, there hasn't actually been a split as such and the pair are technically "still together".

However it does seem as though the engagement is very much off

"Me and Chloe, we don't see each other much as it is. We live in totally opposite ends of the country," Stevi explained.

He told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "When we do see each other we can argue. I can say things and she gets upset... we were putting too much pressure on ourselves and we want to get a house really. We just need to be honest with ourselves."

Stevi said that Chloe was going to a retreat next week to "sort her head out and get things together."

"We have our ups and downs and Chloe is feeling the pressure too," he continued. "We've not split, we're just trying to sort our lives out.

"We're both quite insecure people and we can be argumentative and bad tempered. We do have disagreements and have shouted."

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