Is The Voice UK easier to win than The X Factor?

x factor v the voice uk

Is The X Factor harder to win than The Voice UK? Kevin Simm certainly thinks so.

The reigning champ of The Voice has suggested that 'the odds are better' on The Voice over its ITV rival.

"If I had competed in the X Factor, I couldn't say if the outcome would have been the same. I'm just so happy I did The Voice," Kevin explained this week. "I love watching the X Factor but a lot more people apply for that show - so maybe I took the right path as far as odds are concerned."

Kevin went on to say that it wasn't just the odds that saw him sign up for the BBC series.

"The Voice is just about that - the voice," he told the Daily Mirror newspaper. "I knew going into it that there would be no preconceptions about my past being in Liberty X.

"Also, the fact that you get to sing with a live band and can change up the song shows a bit more artistry I suppose."

So is The Voice UK the easier show?

Well The X Factor is a definitely the much longer competition with ten live shows compared to just three for The Voice, so in that respect it is quite a bit more difficult to reach the end.

And while The Voice doesn't release its voting figures due to BBC guidelines, one would think The X Factor certainly has more voters to impress based on ratings.

The X Factor's live final was watched by 8.5 million viewers in 2015, almost double (4.5 million) the rating for The Voice's ending earlier this month.

So based purely on the odds it's hard to argue with Kevin, but of course that doesn't mean The Voice is 'easy', perhaps just a little 'easier'.

Of course, that's if you get through the blind auditions in the first place...

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