Louis Walsh thinks The X Factor needs less singing and more fun

louis walsh

Louis Walsh has called on The X Factor to ditch its, err, singing.

The Irish music mogul reckons the show needs to see LESS music and more fun with the judges.

"Grimmy didn't work, let's be honest," Louis said this week. "I think they want the fun back and I think Sharon and I bring a bit of fun. You see, she's not afraid of Simon."​

Louis called on show boss Simon Cowell to "bring back the old X Factor" this year after claiming 2015's series saw too many changes.

"X Factor went a little off the boil last year. Simon tweaked it too much - just like he tweaked his face!" he quipped.

Louis suggested: "He needs to bring back the old X Factor: have the auditions in a small room so you find out the real personalities.

"People loved that because it was so intimate and revealing. It needs to have less singing and more fun."

Whether it was Louis' idea or not, ITV have confirmed that this year's series WILL see the return of the room auditions while Dermot O'Leary is back as host.

But as yet no judges have been officially announced for the new series, and that includes Louis himself.

The Irish music mogul is strongly rumoured to make a comeback alongside Sharon Osbourne, with Rita Ora and Nicole Scherzinger in the running for the third spot alongside Simon.

Meanwhile, ITV have reaffirmed that they intend to stick with the show into 2017 following reports it could move to Sky.

A spokesman said today: “As we have already said, the contracts for The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent come up for renewal after the latest series air later this year, and we fully intend to continue with both shows into 2017 and beyond.”

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