Louis Walsh has been banned from Strictly Come Dancing

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Don't expect Louis Walsh to end up on Strictly Come Dancing any time soon.

In 2015 the Irish music mogul was tipped to join the BBC One series after being ditched from The X Factor.

Louis said at the time he was more than up for it, explaining: “I can’t dance at all, that’s why it’ll be so good."

And he added: “I’d like to be partnered with Ola.”

But Simon Cowell has told The Sun newspaper that he's BANNED Louis from appearing on the programme.

“I have banned him from doing that show. I really have. You just know that he would be in a ball gown," Simon said.

Of course Louis is now FAR too busy to end up on Strictly - at least for the time being.

He returned to The X Factor last year and has no intentions of giving up his seat again just yet.

Louis has already announced he'll be back again for 2017's show.

Speaking ahead of last series' X Factor final, Louis declared: "Yes, I'm back next year. I've signed for the next two years."

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