Simon Cowell slams The Voice UK: "It's just ridiculous"

simon cowell x factor

Simon Cowell has taken aim at The Voice UK, branding the whole spinning chair idea "ridiculous".

Next year sees The Voice switch channels to ITV but Simon is confident that The X Factor will always remain the better of the shows.

It certainly has a much more impressive track record of creating stars: In the same week that yet another winner of The Voice UK returns to the day job after their music career failed to take off, The X Factor boasted of record sales breaking 100 million.

Simon has now seemed to suggest that the lack of success on The Voice is down to its "ridiculous" auditions.

Claiming to have never seen the show for more than 5 minutes, he told the Daily Mail newspaper: "No, hand on heart. I can't watch it.

"I run a record label and the idea that I would audition someone with my back to them and have an electric chair which spins round if I like them, it's just ridiculous."

Simon concluded: "I can't take it very seriously."

While The Voice hasn't quite produced musical successes it has put in some good ratings for the audition stages, last year matching The X Factor at times.

"Maybe they should keep the chairs in the entire time," Simon quipped. "Of course it works, but personally I never want to see a revolving chair.

"I keep getting offered shows with chairs - chairs that are ejector seats with people being thrown out."

Simon added: "But if you look at the numbers, The Voice doesn't rate as well as our shows and that's the bottom line."

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