Big Brother and X Factor are most complained about shows EVER

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Big Brother has been named as the most complained about show of all time, with The X Factor in second place.

Between them, the two shows notched up almost 100,000 objections to TV watchdog Ofcom over the past 12 years since it started.

Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother's various series saw by far the most complaints of any programme, with 45,000 writing in alone about that 2007 race row.

The likes of Helen Wood saw more gripes submitted and a further 2,000 complaints were made just this year over the latest series and the drama around news of David Bowie's death.

As for The X Factor, most of its 20,000 complaints came from the show's peak with the 2009 and 2010 series each seeing over 6,000 messages of protest.

BBC2's Jerry Springer The Opera ranks at Number 3 in the countdown with almost 9,000 objections over its religious themed content while Channel 4 documentary UKIP: The First 100 Days saw 6,200.

Sky News has received 6,000 complaints over the years and the figures show that Eastenders was the most complained about of the soaps: It's had 4,000 complaints to Corrie's 3,500 and Emmerdale's 2,500.

X Factor's Britain's Got Talent ranks in sixth on the list with a relatively low total of 3,700 objections over its tenth year history.

The other show in the top 10 was The Wright Stuff on Channel 5.

UK's Most Complained About Shows EVER

1. (Celebrity) Big Brother/CBB - 74,000
2. X Factor - 21,000
3. Jerry Springer The Opera - 9,000
4. UKIP: The First 100 Days - 6,000
5. Sky News - 6,000
6. EastEnders - 3,800
7. Britain’s Got Talent - 3,700
8. Coronation Street - 3,500
9. The Wright Stuff - 2,800
10. Emmerdale - 2,500

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