Will.i.am planning his own music show to rival X Factor and The Voice UK?

The Voice

Will.i.am has teased that he's working on his own music show as The Voice UK comes to an end on BBC One.

Will has been a coach in the spinning red chairs since Day 1 but it's not clear if he'll stay sat down when the show moves to ITV.

In a chat with The Sun newspaper, the Black Eyed Peas star revealed he was working on his own programme.

“I’ve got lots of ideas for music shows," he declared, "I have a music-based show. You’ll hear about it soon. It’s really exciting.

"What makes a singer successful is the partnerships you have, like Rihanna’s Puma deal. If you go on tour you get deals."

With The Voice UK having so far failed to find a big star, Will claimed: “It has nothing to do with selling records.

"The more people who listen to your record for free the more you get deals, that’s where the money is. You can never just be a singer.

“Michael Jackson wasn’t just a singer. If he were alive today Michael Jackson would have sold glitter gloves. If Jimi Hendrix were here we’d be buying Hendrix guitars.”

It's been said that ITV have offered Will more than £2 MILLION to stay on The Voice UK but he said that no decision has been made yet.

“I have to decide about next year by May," Will let slip. "What can they do to convince me? Where we film. I’m all about new territories. Let’s take it to places in the UK people wouldn’t think about.”

So watch this space!

For now, The Voice UK continues Saturday night on BBC One with the first live show.

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